1. nevermindtheb0ll0cks:

    people dont like me because im fat

    i have no friends because im fat

    im single because im fat

    im lonely because im fat

    boys think im ugly because im fat

    i hate myself because im fat

    i look horrible because im fat

    i am worthless because im fat

    i feel fat because im fat

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    Jensen’s laugh has the ability to put anyone in a good mood

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    Supernatural Season Seven Gag Reel

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    Michael K. Williams talks about an emotional moment on the set of ‘12 Years a Slave’, moving Arsenio Hall to tears.

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    Just press play and listen

    god damn it it works.

    it works, and that’s the greatest crime of all.

    oh for fucks sake

    im mad that this works so well.


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    keautie kahuanui (◕‿◕✿)

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  3. I need new blogs to follow



    I want more:


    • danisnotonfire
    • amazingphil
    • kickthepj
    • crabstickz
    • jacksfilms
    • jacksgap
    • roosterteeth

     sherlock (really i just finished all 3 seasons and i need more)

    and comedy

    on my dash 

    reblog if you post any and ill probably follow you (:

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